WELCOME to Just Group

The Just Group is a group of companies comprising of three subsidiaries each operating in its own capacity, offering different services. These are JUST BUILD, JUST CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE and JUST SOLUTIONS. Each subsidiary prides itself in providing high quality, excellent service, innovative products and services, integrity, commitment and transparency. As a developing company we believe that personalized service and commitment is the formula to success of any project or venture.

Within the abovementioned context we strive to build reliable and mutually beneficial partnerships and valued engagements with local communities and Government in each of the sectors in which we will operate. In addition, we are committed to fulfilling our economic, environmental and social responsibilities while conducting business

Our values

We are committed to conducting healthy business practices which support our Company values of respect, honesty, integrity and accountability, ensuring a stable employment environment and the ongoing sustainability of the JUST GROUP. We subscribe to a philosophy of transparency, excellence and innovation in all our business dealings.

Our Commitment

We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients